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Pantry Meals

Pantry Preparation for the Italian Cucina

Quality ingredients are key to great Italian cooking, but who has the time to grocery shop multiple times per week? Keeping a well-stocked pantry can help any home cook whip up a variety of meals in no time. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: An extremely versatile oil featured in several dishes, dressings, sauces, and more. Always […]

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Artichoke Hearts

The #1 (Secret) Sicilian Super Food

Italians owe a lot more to their health than a love of red wine. One of their “secret weapons” is perhaps one of nature’s more intimidating vegetables — the artichoke. Despite its exterior, artichokes pack a powerful, nutritional punch. These magic veggies, like the ones in Cervasi’s artichokes line, should become a foundation for a simply […]

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