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Olive oil pumpkin bread recipe on Cervasi Cucina blog

Move Over #PSL, It's Pumpkin Olive Oil Bread Time

When the season changes, the favorite flavor of fall is pumpkin — and it can be found just about anywhere. Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin scones, pumpkin pancakes… just to name a few. We want to share a seasonal recipe where you can use Cervasi Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a moist and […]

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Know Your Cervasi Noodle: Spaghetti

Know Your Noodle: Spaghetti

It’s said to be the oldest noodle. It’s the #1 pasta in the US and the top-selling Cervasi pasta in Kansas City. Can you guess it? The most famous noodle of them all is … spaghetti! Spaghetti’s name means “length of cord.” The thickness can vary and it is one of the most versatile noodles. Spaghetti is a wonderful […]

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Know Your Cervasi Noodle: Cavatappi

Know Your Noodle: Cavatappi

If you want to take your traditional mac-n-cheese a step further, make it extra special with Cervasi cavatappi pasta! The cavatappi, known as a corkscrew, is a spiral-shaped tube that usually has grooves. English speakers also call this noodle “double elbows.” Hailing from Southern Italy, this pasta is great for entrees, sides, baked dishes, pasta […]

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