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To boil or not boil Cervasi lasagna noodes -- that is the question!

To Boil or Not Boil Lasagna Noodles?

To boil or not boil, that is the question when it comes to making lasagna. At Cervasi, we’ve had our fair share of lively debates on this topic. The consensus is (drum roll, please) … it “boils” down to preference! Ultimately, you do not need to boil lasagna noodles when you prepare lasagna. One of our lasagna-loving […]

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Know Your Noodle: Cervasi Lasagna, that is!

Know Your Noodle: Lasagna

Developed in the Emilia-Romagna region of North Central Italy, the first lasagna recipe was created by the Romans. Americans have altered the recipe to use a meat sauce instead of traditional Italian sauce. There are many variations of the lasagna — from the traditional recipe to roll ups to spinach and more. You can find […]

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Know Your Noodle: Cervasi's Elbow Macaroni

Know Your Noodle: Elbow Macaroni

With its short cooking time and familiar shape, the elbow is a popular noodle. Its name is derived from the Italian word, “maccheroni” which means hollow or tubular. And, you can also hear the beginnings of the popular American dish: macaroni and cheese! But don’t be fooled: the shape we are talking about today is […]

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