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Cervasi's New Appetizer Ideas Board on Pinterest

Holiday Appetizer Ideas

The holidays include a plethora of parties and family gatherings. This year try something new instead of that go-to dish you usually make. Not only is Cervasi pasta great for the main show, but it can also be an amazing opening act. It’s possible to treat your guests to mac-n-cheese bites, spaghetti bites, tortellini bites […]

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Holiday pasta crafts with Cervasi pasta

Holiday Pasta Crafts

It’s our favorite time of the year at Cervasi: the holidays are in full swing, family from all over is coming to town, and the kids are home from school. Give the little ones something fun to do that can add a festive touch to your home or make a great gift. Of course, Cervasi […]

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Know Your Noodle: Cervasi Fettuccini

Know Your Noodle: Fettuccini

This flat-shaped noodle is great for catching a rich and creamy sauce. And it pairs quite nicely with cheese and tomato sauce, too! Try our Pasta ala Carbonara recipe with the sauce-loving fettuccini noodle. Find more recipes on our Fettuccini Pasta board on Pinterest. We’ll bring you more Know Your Noodle posts here on our blog and introduce […]

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Know Your Noodle: Cervasi Spaghettini

Know Your Noodle: Spaghettini

If you are short on time and want to cook up a quick pasta dish, Cervasi’s spaghettini can help with that. It’s a thinner form of spaghetti that cooks faster. Spaghettini is popular in Southern Italy. Stateside, this cut of pasta is often called angel hair. It works best with light and oil-based sauces, but […]

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Linguine is the next pasta in Cervasi's Know Your Noodle series

Know Your Noodle: Linguine

For seafood lovers, the linguine noodle is a great match. Originating in the Genoa and Liguria regions of Italy, linguine’s name translates to “little tongues.” The linguine noodle — or linguini, as it’s typically called in the US — is narrower than fettuccine and flatter than spaghetti. It’s traditionally served with seafood and pesto dishes, like Cervasi’s popular […]

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