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Know Your Cervasi Noodle: Capellini

Know Your Noodle: Capellini [Angel Hair]

Angel Hair pasta is well-known as a go-to noodle and a perfect pantry staple. Though it’s often confused with the Spaghetti noodle, it’s thinner shape works best with light cream and oil-based sauces. Another point of confusion could be that Angel Hair pasta is the Americanized name for the thin Capelli d’angelo noodle. Cervasi’s Angel […]

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Delicious and versatile Cervasi artichoke hearts

Delicious and Versatile Artichoke Hearts

We’re not just all about pasta products here at Cervasi. We carry many Italian specialty products, including artichoke hearts — the edible portion of the inner yellow leaves that encircle the cavity of this popular vegetable. The love for artichokes undoubtedly begins with its tasty, tender texture that easily adds pizzazz to simple recipes. Another […]

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