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One-Pot Meals for the Busy Family, from Cervasi USA

One-Pot Meals for the Busy Family

The alarm sounds early in the morning. The day quickly shifts to dropping off the kids at school, a workday filled with back-to-back meetings, running errands, lunch with a friend, volunteering at your favorite non-profit — or maybe all of these! Make life a bit easier with simple, streamlined meals that don’t take much time […]

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Temps, Time and Tenderness: 8 Tips for Cooking Pasta

Temp, Time and Tenderness: 8 Tips for Cooking Pasta

Cooking pasta may seem easy — just boil water and add the desired noodle of your choice — but there are tips you can follow to achieve pasta perfection. Here’s a round-up of tips we like: Wait for a rapid boil. If you put the pasta in the water early, it will absorb too much water […]

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Orzo Pasta from Cervasi Pasta, a Kansas City importer of Italian foods

Know Your Noodle: Orzo

Orzo pasta could easily be mistaken for rice, and that’s likely because orzo is the Italian word for “barley.” Orzo pasta, a classic component in soups, also pairs well with butter or light sauces and is a great addition to casseroles and stuffed peppers. In the Cervasi recipe archive, we feature delicious Insalata d’Orzo that includes […]

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3 Summer Pasta Salad Ideas Perfect for Fourth of July, from Cervasi Pasta

3 Summer Pasta Salad Ideas Perfect for Fourth of July

As you make plans to celebrate the red, white and blue on Fourth of July, consider the ultimate side dish to complete your barbecue: pasta salad featuring Cervasi pasta. Our pasta salad recipes burst with firework flavor and make the perfect addition to your Independence Day celebration. Our recipe archive features three summer pasta salads that […]

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Know Your Cervasi Noodle: Capellini

Know Your Noodle: Capellini [Angel Hair]

Angel Hair pasta is well-known as a go-to noodle and a perfect pantry staple. Though it’s often confused with the Spaghetti noodle, it’s thinner shape works best with light cream and oil-based sauces. Another point of confusion could be that Angel Hair pasta is the Americanized name for the thin Capelli d’angelo noodle. Cervasi’s Angel […]

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