Below is a range of products you will find in local groceries on the Cervasi Olive & Antipasti bar.  The items available will vary by location and availability. If you would like to learn more about putting together a great antipasti dish at home, check out the Cervasi Cucina blog.
Our Locations page features a Kansas City-area map of grocery stores carrying Cervasi products. For foodservice product information, visit parisbrothersspecialtyfoods.com.

Spicy Calabrese Alfonso
Jumbo Green Sicilian Castelvetrano
Moroccan Oil Cured Imported Gaeta
Red Cerignola Green Cerignola
Black Cerignola Mediterranean Medley

Jumbo Green Sicilian Jumbo Pitted Kalamata
Nicoise Castelvetrano

Pimento Stuffed Queen Blue Cheese Stuffed Green
Feta Cheese Stuffed Green Garlic Stuffed Green
Italian Olive Salad Hot Pitted Salad
Insalata Provolone Mescolanza Italiano
Picante Olives Feta Olive Salad
Country Pitted Salad Marinated Mushrooms Salad

Fresh Garlic & Peppers Red Peppedew
Goldew Peppedew Roasted Garlic
Long Stem Artichokes Caperberries with Stems
Capers Capote Capers Non-Pariels
Cornichons Cippolline Onions
Dolmas Giardiniera
Marinated Mushrooms Pepperoncini