Cervasi Pasta 
Pasta is a fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet, so it’s no wonder Cervasi Pasta is the authentic Italian choice for home cooks and chefs the world over. But pasta, with its many shapes and textures, can be included in so many more family meals. With such versatility, an endless number of meal solutions exist. Of course there are many Italian dishes that can be created with pasta. Think past Italian and be inspired by Mexican, Asian, Greek, Cajun and other regional foods.
Sauces: Tomato is the most popular, but other smooth cream, olive oil, butter or cheese sauces can be used or thicker, chunky sauces that include vegetables, meats or seafood to create a meal.
Shapes: Short shapes are best for casseroles, salads, skillets or soups, and long shapes are the perfect nest to hold a favorite sauce.
Lifestyle: Whether you have kids at home or not, practice a vegetarian or gluten-free lifestyle, enjoy elaborate meals or just need quick meals to get on with your day, pasta can be a great meal choice. With approximately 200 calories per serving, pasta is a filling meal option.

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