Holiday pasta crafts with Cervasi

Holiday Pasta Crafts

It’s our favorite time of the year at Cervasi: the holidays are in full swing, family from all over is coming to town, and the kids are home from school. Give the little ones something fun to do that can add a festive touch to your home or make a great gift.

Get your crafting on with Cervasi's Pasta Crafts Pinterest board!

Get your crafting on with Cervasi’s Pasta Crafts Pinterest board!

Of course, Cervasi loves pasta crafts — so much that we even have a Pinterest board dedicated to it. These DIY projects are easy, economical and a whole lot of fun! Handmade pasta creations can also be a special gift for those hard-to-buy-for family members who have everything but would love a homemade gift.
Get the kids together, browse our Pasta Crafts Pinterest board and select a holiday pasta project to work on this season! And check out our other boards, too.

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