Grilled vegetables and bottle of olive oil with caption "a grill's best friend"

Four Reasons for Using Olive Oil for Grilling

Though it’s not yet officially summer, summer fun has already begun. More sunshine means more time spent outdoors. Summer holidays and vacation days mean more time with family and friends ― and more time spent using your grill and its best friend, Cervasi Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Have you ever tried marinating your meat and vegetables in olive oil?

Cervasi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Your Grill's Best Friend

Cervasi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is your grill’s best friend.

Here are four reasons to use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) the next time you fire up the grill:

  • It’s a pantry staple that moves easily from cooking in the kitchen to cooking outdoors.
  • When used as a marinade, EVOO can add more flavor than vegetable oil.
  • It can help food from sticking to the grill or being burned, scorched or dried out.
  • As a dressing, EVOO offers a flavorful finish once your food is grilled.

Cervasi’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect partner for a mouth-watering meal right off the grill. Be sure to invite our product to your outdoor meals and celebrations — and check out our Olive Oil Pinterest board for even more recipes beyond the grill!

Here’s an HT (hat tip) to the Barbecue Bible for inspiring this post!
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