A Passion for Specialty Ingredients


Like many that trace their heritage back to the old country, a love of authentic food has been a tradition in the Cervasi family since the 1900s. We can trace our family roots to Sicily, which is an underlying theme in the selection, quality and variety of products we offer.

Sicilian style is known for its bold, fresh flavors. And given the country’s natural territory, climate and geographic proximity to so many other interesting food cultures, it has never really been necessary to complicate their recipes with anything other than high quality, simple ingredients.

This love of simple, high quality food goes into our entire line, where we’ve sourced and selected items that we’d be proud to serve on our own table, like: imported Italian Pasta, Italian Olive Oils, Balsamic and Wine Vinegars, Quality Vegetables, Spices and Seasonings, Artisan and Aged cheeses, Olives and Antipasti items and more.

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