Move Over #PSL, It's Pumpkin Olive Oil Bread Time

Move Over #PSL, It's Pumpkin Olive Oil Bread Time

When the season changes, the favorite flavor of fall is pumpkin — and it can be found just about anywhere. Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin scones, pumpkin pancakes… just to name a few. We want to share a seasonal recipe where you can use Cervasi Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a moist and delicious pumpkin bread!


Cervasi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Use Cervasi Extra Virgin Oil in savory baked good recipes for moist texture and rich flavor.

With this pumpkin bread recipe courtesy of Ellie Krieger and, the olive oil replaces the butter. This gives it a rich flavor and lighter, moist texture. Using olive oil reduces saturated fat and cholesterol content. Plus, baked goods with olive oil stay fresh longer.
Be sure to make note of the recipe’s tips for baking with olive oil — super-helpful information, we think.
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