Apple orchard with ladder and barrels of apples

"Fall" in Love with These Apple Recipes

You may think olive oil is to pasta what pumpkin spice is to fall, but we’re suggesting another amazing flavor for olive oil and fall: apple.

With fall just a couple weeks away, apple orchards will soon be bustling with fall-fruit fanatics. (Read on to find a Kansas City-area orchard near you.) Today, we’re featuring flavorful fall recipes featuring fruit — apples, that is, and a refreshing change from any and everything pumpkin spice-flavored.
First in our apple spotlight is this flakey, fruity Apple Crostata with Apples, Dates and Grana Padano from our recipe collection. This pastry is great for special occasions, like a fall family get-together or Halloween party. It could also serve as a delicious dessert option for Thanksgiving!

Apple Crostata Reipce on

Apple Crostata with Apples, Dates and Grana Padano is a flakey, fruity pastry that’s perfect for any get-together or to impress your guests on special occasions. (Recipe courtesy of Daniela Abel)

The next recipe we encourage you to try is Olive Oil, Honey, & Apple Cake, which The Pickled Plum recipe blog describes as the adult version of your grandma’s sweet apple pie.
Another pleasing-for-the-season recipe is With Food + Love’s Apple Cranberry Crisp with White Wine + Olive Oil. 
Whatever recipe you decide to try, you could opt to pick farm-fresh fruit at one of these apple orchards near Kansas City.
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