Instant Pots and Pasta

Instant Pot Tips for Pasta Dishes

Did you know you can use your Instant Pot for pasta dishes? That’s right. You can now cook Cervasi pasta in about five minutes!

We’ve been reading people’s Instant Pot (a.k.a. Instapot or IP) feedback, tips and tricks on cooking pasta (and using olive oil) in Facebook groups, such as Instant Pot for Beginners and Instant Pot Community.
Here are some things we learned:

  • Add a jar of sauce plus a jar of water to the IP. Then add the pasta, making sure it is fully submerged into the liquid.
  • Many IP pros prefer using olive oil for sautéing vegetables and as an ingredient in a variety of pressure-cooker recipes. (Hint: We know a good extra virgin olive oil.)
  • Have a towel handy when you open the lid. There’s a good chance the pasta will foam, and some will come out with the steam.
  • Be careful using dairy and cheese products in your IP, as they can scald, curdle or become watery. It’s suggested to add and stir in these components after the pressure-cooking process, using the sauté function for better results.

Inspired to experiment with your Instant Pot? Join one of the IP Facebook groups, and use the group’s search box feature to find specific tips for cooking pasta and Italian recipes. You can also try one of Cervasi’s recipes! We would love to know how it turns out, so please send a message to our Facebook page.
For more tips on pasta perfection, read Temps, Time and Tenderness: 8 Tips for Cooking Pasta.

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