Close up of spaghetti

Pick the Perfect Pasta

We all have a pretty good idea of how prepare pasta, right? But do you know how match the right pasta with the right sauce to make the perfect dish? Here are a few tips to make easy, Cervasi pasta crowd-pleasers in no time at all.

Plated Pasta

What are you craving tonight? Use our pasta guide in selecting the perfetto cut of pasta.

Shell Pasta

These cuts are designed for heavy sauces, like cream or tomato. We’ve all seen various sizes of shells, so selection is really about what appeals to you. TIP: Any items in the sauce need to be cut at the same size as the pasta to help balance the palate and the eye.

Penne Pasta

Those cylindrical shapes that can be smooth or Rigate (ridged) go with most every type of sauce with one exception being oil-based sauces or broths. These are best used in baked pasta dishes.

Long Cuts

These most famous and versatile cuts really match up with any red sauce or seafood sauce. They are also good for baking or nesting in a bowl and can be good with broth based sauces. TIP: Try breaking your pasta in half, unless you simply can’t resist slurping it up until it smacks your lips.


The tube-shaped pasta that’s a little larger than Penne or Zite. These make great baking pasta cuts and work well with vegetable-style sauces. The tube opening will catch the sauce,  but it doesn’t over-fill.

Angel Hair (a.k.a. Capellini d’Angelo)

Great with light red or light cream-based sauces. TIP: Pay close attention to cooking times and really drain the pasta well before using.
Pasta creates so many meal possibilities, it’s no wonder if one of the world’s most versatile foods. Enjoy.

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