The #1 (Secret) Sicilian Super Food

The #1 (Secret) Sicilian Super Food

Italians owe a lot more to their health than a love of red wine. One of their “secret weapons” is perhaps one of nature’s more intimidating vegetables — the artichoke. Despite its exterior, artichokes pack a powerful, nutritional punch. These magic veggies, like the ones in Cervasi’s artichokes line, should become a foundation for a simply healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Weight Control

For starters, there is no cholesterol, fat or trans fat in artichokes. Awesome, right? Fiber content in artichokes is phenomenal, containing 10 grams per medium size choke. That’s one-third of your daily intake. Americans rarely get their full serving daily. And we all know that more fiber means more regularity. Dietary fibers also help you feel more full.

Heart Wellness

In addition to high fiber content, artichokes contain Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium. Fiber increases “good” cholesterol while decreasing the “bad,” Vitamin C maintains blood vessels, while Magnesium and Potassium reduce and normalize blood pressure, respectively.

Chokes by the Numbers

Here’s how much of the good stuff is in Cervasi’s Quartered Artichokes

Body-building Blocks

The Folate in artichokes aid in producing DNA and forms new, healthy cells in turn. Folate and Vitamin C are also necessary for prenatal health. Potassium found in chokes help the cells in maintaining the heart, brain, kidneys, muscle tissue and other organs. Artichokes also contain Calcium and Iron. Further, did you know that artichokes are the best vegetable antioxidant?

Prevention of Disease

The super-combo of nutrients found in artichokes are associated with all types of wellness benefits. Artichokes help prevent the development of kidney stones and protect against immune system deficiencies. The sodium content of artichokes is low enough for those on specialize diets such as Diabetics and low-sodium, heart-conscious plans.

Healthy and Delicious

Stateside, these green goddesses can be hard to find as they are primarily grown in California and the season is short. Plus, preparing fresh artichokes for the dinner table can be time consuming and intimidating. Our artichokes are already prepped for you, for any recipe, any time. For example, make artichokes the star of your next family meal in a delicious rigatoni and sausage recipe.
Try adding artichokes to your weekly menu. Cervasi’s artichokes and choke hearts are adaptable to numerous dishes. We find that we still like to eat them straight out of the jar.

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