Bowl of pasta salad on white table cloth

Is Pasta Healthy: Yay or Nay?

The revolving door of diet fads are good for one thing — confusion. One day you can’t eat carbs and the next all red meat is out. Pasta has been in the limelight for all of this dietary debate. So what’s the verdict, good or bad?

Pasta is a complex carbohydrate. What that means for you is feeling full and keeping that feeling for longer. In turn, you remain more alert and have the energy to tackle whatever the day throws at you.
Enriched pasta provides a good amount of folic acid. Folic acid is critical for women who are pregnant or are of child-bearing age. One serving of pasta accounts for 25% of your necessary intake.
Another feature of pasta is it has a relatively low Glycemic Index. Your blood glucose (sugar) won’t dramatically spike and fall, but rather increase and decrease smoothly.
Pasta is cholesterol-free and low in sodium. This makes pasta a great choice for heart-healthy diets. Enriched pasta also features a slew of other nutrients, like iron and complex B vitamins.
The real key to eating well is finding balance. Add more vegetables to your plate, use cream sauces occasionally, and look for the freshest ingredients. Pasta is a versatile companion for veggies, proteins, and (almost) everything in between.
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