Uncooked Rigatoni pasta with caption "know your noodle"

Know Your Noodle: Rigatoni

You may be looking for an edgy noodle that can handle the weight of a heavy meat sauce or larger vegetables. At Cervasi, we are proud to offer a noodle that we know can do the job: Rigatoni from our Short Cuts product line.

The rigatoni noodle was cleverly named after the principle of “rigare,” which means to draw a line and also translates to “ridged.” Rigatoni’s lines are great for chunky meats sauces, cheese sauces, vegetables and baked pasta dishes. The square-cut ends set it apart from penne noodles that have angle-cut ends. Rigatoni is used primarily in central and southern Italy.
You can find recipes using rigatoni noodles, like Rigatoni & Sausage in our Recipe archive — and on our Rigatoni & Roman Rigatoni Pasta Pinterest board. (You’ll want to pin the Hawaiian One Pan Pasta dish. Bacon and pineapple for the win!)
We’ll bring you more Know Your Noodle posts here on our blog and introduce you to other Cervasi pasta products. You can be the first to KYN when you stay tuned by liking our Facebook page!

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