Uncooked fusilli pasta with caption "know your noodle"

Know Your Noodle: Fusilli

Pasta salad is a popular, easy dish to bring to family gatherings, picnics and special occasions. The hallmark pasta widely used for pasta salads is the fusilli noodle that was developed in southern Italy.

The fusilli cut is named after the word “fuso” which translates to “spindle.” The corkscrew-shaped pasta is great at holding a variety of sauces from light, oil-based sauces to the thicker tomato sauce. This pasta isn’t only used for pasta salads. It also is terrific for baked dishes.
You can find fusilli noodle creations, like Fusilli With Spinach, in on our Recipe collection. Craving more fusilli recipes? Check out our Fusilli Pasta Pinterest board dedicated to this versatile noodle.
Our Know You Noodle series continues next week. If you missed our first KYN feature, read the “back story” on rigatoni.
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