Orzo pasta with caption "know your noodle"

Know Your Noodle: Orzo

Orzo pasta could easily be mistaken for rice, and that’s likely because orzo is the Italian word for “barley.” Orzo pasta, a classic component in soups, also pairs well with butter or light sauces and is a great addition to casseroles and stuffed peppers.

Cervasi's Orzo pasta

You can find Cervasi’s Orzo pasta throughout the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. See our Locations page for information on stores near you.

In the Cervasi recipe archive, we feature delicious Insalata d’Orzo that includes garbanzo beans, grape tomatoes and our Red Wine Vinaigrette. This recipe can be a light main course or side dish and is ready in less than 20 minutes.
Need more Orzo inspiration? Our Orzo Pasta Pinterest board offers more than 20 recipes. Be sure to “like” us on Facebook for more recipes and noodle knowledge — and let us know how you use Cervasi’s Orzo pasta!

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