Uncooked wagon wheel pasta

Know Your Noodle: Wagon Wheel

The wagon wheel pasta is unique, and it’s not just because of its shape. That’s because its country of origin and when it was first created are up for debate. Was it in Europe? Was it in China? Is it a newer invention ― or one dating back thousands of years? Even the name gets lost in translation!

We may never know the answers to these questions. But we do know that Cervasi’s Wagon Wheel pasta is quite special!
Wagon Wheel pasta is a distinctly shaped noodle that is popular with kids and picky eaters. In Italy, this cut is called ruote, which translates to “wheels.” In America, a common name is rotelle or “little wheels” in Italian. Cartwheels is another increasingly common term.
Wagon Wheel pasta is often used with oil, dairy and smooth, tomato-based sauces and is good at absorbing liquids. This noodle works well in soups or pasta salads and is a great staple to have in your pantry.

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