Basket on kitchen counter full of Cervasi Italian food products

Give the Gift of an Italian Food Basket This Christmas

You’ve seen traditional gift baskets filled with coffee, tea and chocolates. This year, change things up and give a useful, beautiful gift basket filled with Italian food products from Cervasi!

Include a selection of ingredients for a specific dish. Then complete the basket by adding a recipe card showing how to create the dish. Check our blog to add some fun facts about each Italian food item.

Download Cervasi Italian food recipe cards

Download our trio of Cervasi recipe cards to include in an Italian foods gift basket.

Think outside the box and forgo the traditional basket container. Instead, group the Italian food products inside a colorful colander.

What to include in an Italian foods gift basket

Here’s a roundup of Cervasi’s favorite ideas for what to include in an Italian food-themed gift:

  • A selection of Cervasi Pasta
  • Sauce (either store-bought or Cervasi’s Pasta Sauce in a mason jar)
  • Cervasi Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Cervasi Artichokes
  • Vinegars
  • Cheeses
  • Olives
  • Garlic, oregano, parsley, bay leaves, etc.
  • Italian wine
  • Italian bottled water
  • Cervasi recipe cards
Cervasi extra virgin olive oil in gift basket

This Christmas, why not give the gift of Italian food in a basket of delicious Cervasi products!

Once your gift container is stuffed with Italian food products, wrap the gift in red and white tissue paper or shredded packaging material. Then add red and green ribbon and bows for an Italian-inspired Christmas gift that’s perfect for a family member, friend or next-door neighbor.
Cervasi wishes you and yours a happy holiday season filled with gifts from the heart and home!

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