Uncooked Cervasi lasagna pasta

Know Your Noodle: Lasagna

Developed in the Emilia-Romagna region of North Central Italy, the first lasagna recipe was created by the Romans. Americans have altered the recipe to use a meat sauce instead of traditional Italian sauce.

Love to pin recipes? Follow Cervasi's Lasagna Pasta board

Love to pin recipes? Follow us!

There are many variations of the lasagna — from the traditional recipe to roll ups to spinach and more. You can find these recipes and more on our Lasagna Pasta board on Pinterest.
Here at Cervasi, we like to support local brands. We put together a “Kansas City Style” lasagna using Cervasi pasta, Cascone’s sauces and BelGioioso Cheeses. You can find these items at your local grocer, and get the recipe on our website.
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