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To Boil or Not Boil Lasagna Noodles?

Cervasi lasagna is available throughout the KC metro area, including Costentino's in Brookside and Ball's Hen House stores.

Cervasi lasagna is available throughout the Kansas City metro area, including Cosentino’s in Brookside and Ball’s Hen House stores.

To boil or not boil, that is the question when it comes to making lasagna. At Cervasi, we’ve had our fair share of lively debates on this topic.

The consensus is (drum roll, please) … it “boils” down to preference! Ultimately, you do not need to boil lasagna noodles when you prepare lasagna.
One of our lasagna-loving cooks likes to dip the noodles in sauce to ensure there is plenty of moisture as the lasagna cooks. But others find this step to be optional.
We all agree that cooking lasagna noodles al dente (“to the tooth”) is the way to go, as this gives the noodles a soft exterior and a bit firmer texture at the core. Some chefs suggest adding a quarter-cup of water around the edges of the baking dish to help the noodles continue to cook during the baking process.
Our Cervasi take-away tip: As long as you use enough sauce, your lasagna noodles should cook perfectly without having to boil them first.
Try Cervasi’s popular traditional lasagna recipe — and find other delicious options on our Lasagna Pasta Pinterest board.

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