Uncooked Cervasi linguine pasta

Know Your Noodle: Linguine

For seafood lovers, the linguine noodle is a great match. Originating in the Genoa and Liguria regions of Italy, linguine’s name translates to “little tongues.”

Cervasi's Linguine With Clams recipe will be your next family favorite.

Cervasi’s Linguine with Clams recipe will be your next family favorite.

The linguine noodle — or linguini, as it’s typically called in the US — is narrower than fettuccine and flatter than spaghetti. It’s traditionally served with seafood and pesto dishes, like Cervasi’s popular Linguine with Clams recipe. (For other soon-to-be-favorites, check out the curated collection on our Linguine Pasta Pinterest board.)
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