Glass of red wine being poured

Cervasi and Valentine’s Day – A Perfect Pairing

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and Italians know romance. It’s only natural because Verona, the “City of Love,” is located in Italy! This year Cervasi would love to be a part of making your Valentine’s Day special.

We have a date idea for you. Avoid the hustle and bustle of traffic, loud restaurants, and cramped space with little room for romance. Take a different approach to “date night” by staying in and creating your own restaurant experience!
Browse our new Pinterest board, Meals For Two, for inspiration. From pasta dishes to heart-shaped pizzas, we are sure you can find a meal both of you will enjoy. Select some fabulous fresh ingredients at your local grocery store, and make your dish of choice as a surprise — or cook dinner together with plenty of time for a slow-cooked meal with your Valentine.
And if you want your Valentine’s dinner to last even longer, be sure to sample one of the appetizers on our Appetizer Ideas Pinterest board as a warm up to the big meal.
For other recipes we love, check out our Cervasi Favorites on Pinterest. We would love for you to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest. And we will keep delivering you quality products made with love at Cervasi!

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