Glass jars with uncooked pasta

Pasta Storage Ideas

Depending on the size and shape of the pasta, finding the right storage containers for your kitchen may be a challenge. Luckily, there are many creative solutions for doing just that.

Cervasi has five pasta storage ideas to perk up your pantry:

  1. Mason jars. These are a great solution for all sorts of food storage, including smaller pasta sizes. Jazz up the jars with decorative labels to identify each pasta.
  2. Assorted glass jars. If you want a touch of elegance and character, consider glass jars with wooden or stainless steel lids that will not only keep your pasta organized, but add style to your kitchen decor.
  3. Coffee tubs. Repurpose a product you may already have, like a coffee tub, by painting and decorating it to use for smaller pastas.
  4. Pringles can. Don’t toss that Pringles can – recycle it by turning it into a storage container! It’s great for longer pastas, such as the spaghetti and linguine noodles.
  5. Empty water bottles. Similar to the Pringles can idea … a narrow cylinder container is the perfect size for long noodles. Once you’re done with your H2O, use it for pasta storage!
Cervasi's Pasta Storage Ideas Pinterest Board

Our collection of storage ideas on Pinterest will jazz up the Cervasi pasta in your kitchen pantry.

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