Capellini pasta with caption "know your noodle"

Know Your Noodle: Capellini [Angel Hair]

Angel Hair pasta is well-known as a go-to noodle and a perfect pantry staple. Though it’s often confused with the Spaghetti noodle, it’s thinner shape works best with light cream and oil-based sauces. Another point of confusion could be that Angel Hair pasta is the Americanized name for the thin Capelli d’angelo noodle.

Delicious and versatile Cervasi artichoke hearts

Look for Cervasi’s Capellini (a.k.a. Angel Hair) pasta in grocery stores throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Cervasi’s Angel Hair-style pasta carries the Capellini name on its package. Capellini is often used for entrees and side dishes or added to soups. A favorite pairing includes Capellini with shrimp, fresh tomatoes and herbs, such as basil and oregano, garlic and lemon ― plus Cervasi extra virgin olive oil, of course!
Capellini pasta is a great option for those with busy schedules because it cooks faster ― all thanks to its thin shape. For recipe ideas that feature Capellini (a.k.a. Angel Hair pasta), check out our Capellini Pasta board on Pinterest. And try this Italian Capellini with Tomatoes and Burrata dish this weekend!
You can find Capellini pasta and other Cervasi Italian specialty products throughout the Kansas City metro area. Visit our Locations page to find a grocery store near you.

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