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Holiday Appetizer Ideas

The holidays include a plethora of parties and family gatherings. This year try something new instead of that go-to dish you usually make. Not only is Cervasi pasta great for the main show, but it can also be an amazing opening act.

We're excited to add this appetizer board to our collection, just in time for the holidays!

We’re excited to add the Appetizer Ideas board to our Pinterest collection.

It’s possible to treat your guests to mac-n-cheese bites, spaghetti bites, tortellini bites and even a “perfect pasta” bite! You can check out all of these great bites and other appetizer ideas on our new Appetizer Ideas Pinterest board!
Save yourself some time this holiday season by visiting our Pinterest board and trying a different appetizer recipe for your next party. And check out our other boards, too, like Italian Holiday Favorites (oh, yes, we do love Cannoli!).

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